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About Us

Our unique approach to marketing is empowering, efficient, and effective.

We believe that every business has the potential to be better, including our own. We are never satisfied, obsessive learners, confident communicators, and passionate teachers of marketing. We work diligently on our systems in order to ensure that we are working efficiently and effectively with our client’s marketing dollars.

We want you to feel in control. We want to earn your trust. We want you to enjoy and be energized by our conversations. We want you to grow, and re-invest in IBA, to ensure that we grow.

Our clients like working with us.

We’ve seen small businesses struggle to find an agency that will see and hear them. That’s what we are.

For the last 17 years IBA has enjoyed healthy and happy client relationships, an amazing company culture, and ongoing success.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to help our clients see where the world is going, and get them there.



We count on you, you count on us. We stand behind what we do, and what we say we will do. A good reputation is our cornerstone.



We have a passion for learning and self-improvement whether it be professionally or personally. Change is always an opportunity for growth.



We invite positive energy into every project. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.

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